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Vesta Eco

Our story  

Dan Asbury and John Templeman are specialists in renewable heating and cooling systems. With over 40 years’ combined industryexperience for the installation, maintenance and management of air-conditioning, ventilation, plumbing, and electrical andsolar PV, they are most recently the owners of Global Mechanical - a successful mechanical services installation company that has designed and delivered high-performance specifications for a number of large-scale businesses including Marcus by Goldman Sachs. 

Dan and John met in 2008 at a FGAS course. At the end of the last day, their course trainer started talking about the impact that their industry had on the environment, and how burning fossil fuels and the release of carbon dioxide was speeding up climate change and causing further extreme weather. It was then that John and Dan realised that they could do their part to protect the planet by specialising in and communicating the benefits of renewable energy technologies to all of their clients and developers. They decided to combine their expertise and start their own company with a focus on having a positive impact on the environment, and Vesta Eco Building Innovation was born. 

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Our mission 

We’re committed to making the UK property market eco-friendly by supporting to deliver a lower carbon footprint while simultaneously providing homeowners and businesses with lower total energy costs.  As fellow inhabitants of planet earth, we at Vesta Eco Building Innovation recognise the need to reducethe carbon footprint of our homes and businesses.  As engineers, we have the experience, technology, and team in place to install cost efficient and eco-friendly renewable energy solutions nationwide.  

Our commitments to you 

To keep in pace with society, we only provide energy-efficient heating and cooling solutions that meet and exceed the current stringent legislative requirements.  As technology developments and learning result in a decrease in cost for renewable energy technologies, we will provide cost-effective solutions to update and futureproof properties.  Partnered and working with a range of top renewable energy technology providers, we offer combinations of technology to provide the most energy efficient solution for every home and business. 


We don’t believe in the hard sell, and offer our expert advice by providing our clients with a free desktop survey with no obligation to buy. 


With our wide range of renewable energy products, Vesta Eco Building Innovation is able to configure your system to provide the most energy efficient solution for every home and business, including providing generation figures and financial predictions.


Vesta Eco Building Innovation’s experienced, dedicated, and knowledgeable in-house management team delivers first in class service and takes pride in every job. 


Our installations include the use of our customer care line, offering our customers peace of mind knowing that should any issue arise that it will be handled by our in-house teams promptly and effectively. 

How we work   

Vesta Eco Building Innovations’ end-to-end solutions model revolves around giving our customers a complete package, providing renewable energy solutions to meet any and every customer’s need and delivering help and support throughout the full lifetime of the product. 

Making energy saving improvements to your property could increase its value by 14% on average, and up to 38% in some parts of England. 
Figures courtesy of the UK government Department of Energy & Climate Change

If you require any further information please drop us a message or give us a call

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